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Teachers are great.
Their tools could be better.
Award $100K to make language and literacy education more engaging, fun and accessible.
Please vote and share with colleagues, students and friends.
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Language demo.

Why Loogla?

Can we be bold? Loogla is a marvel, a breakthrough in education that bases learning around a student’s personal interests so they stay engaged. The ability to apply guided discovery to just about anything is the “Holy Grail” in education.

Nothing like it exists!

Educators and students alike are thrilled at the prospect.

Loogla begins with foreign language instruction, but the engine we’ve built has broad applications. Our next targets are childhood/adolescent literacy and flipped classrooms.

Education matters, so please support this project with your vote and by spreading the word! And remember, only your last vote counts so make sure it’s for Loogla!

Why should I care?

If Loogla wins this grant, we’ll address literacy and dyslexia. We can help millions learn to read at a higher level. This is critical beyond grades. Raising literacy levels:

  • Improves problem solving and reasoning skills
  • Increases community involvement and integration
  • Reduces criminal probability (offenders are 3x as likely to have literacy problems)
  • Gives many youth and adults a chance to build a brighter future.

There are enormous economic and social returns for literacy training. Keeping students engaged is key, and that’s exactly what Loogla does.

Then there’s bilingualism.
In an increasingly global world, your native language just isn’t enough anymore. Here are some things you might not already know:

  • Bilinguals enjoy a 5-20% wage premium and are more employable.
  • Advanced language learning delays Alzheimer’s disease.
  • 85% of Americans believe children should speak another language.
  • Despite improving literacy, critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and more, funding for language programs was cut by 40%.
  • The United States is the second largest Spanish speaking country, between Spain and Mexico.
  • There are 1 billion language learners. That will double in 10 years.
  • Being bilingual helps people to better focus their attention.
  • 31% of corporate executives speak more than one language
  • Language learning promotes cultural understanding, and from that flows immeasurable global benefits.
  • It just makes you smarter!

What’s with the name?

Loogla is short for Looking Glass Learning in honor of Lewis Carroll’s contributions to making linguistics fun. He decodes language and makes it a game. Just like in “Through the Looking Glass”, learning a foreign language is stepping into another world. Loogla makes the foreign familiar.

Who are you?

Back in 2006, with an uncertain economy here in the United States, we resolved to pursue our goal of bilingualism and to discover global opportunities. In the most life altering and difficult decision we’ve ever made, we quit our jobs and moved to Latin America. We soon found ourselves, like nearly all adult learners, on what linguists call the language learning plateau. Despite earnest efforts, we struggled to become bilingual. After searching in vain for help, we consulted with world renowned linguists, exhausted our savings and poured everything into building the solution we wished we’d had.

The result is an extraordinary platform with applications far beyond language learning.

I wrote the code and compiled the expertise to make Loogla a reality. When not working, I can be spotted running up hills like the one behind me.

I cut my own hair, an process prone to unpredictable results.

I’ve built eLearning solutions that are in use by millions, but became impatient with bureaucracy that stifles innovation.

People know me for my big heart and spicy 6 star Thai cooking.

Ok. Ok.
If it’s so amazing, why do you need the money?

That’s what we thought. It turns out that Loogla was a staggeringly complex feat to accomplish.

The good news: Loogla is working as we’d hoped. It is spectacular.

The not so good news: We have exhausted our savings, and there’s a bit more work to be done.

your vote → seed capital → Loogla launched → a better world.


Loogla finally lets language teachers seamlessly combine activities, lessons, video quizzes and more into any page on the web, and learners stay engaged. It is a powerful educational ecosystem, and like all ecosystems, it requires life. We need to create seed content provided by paid instructors to kick start the environment, attract students, and give the platform the momentum to thrive.

It takes money to make money, and Loogla has the potential to generate a bundle, create employment, and make the world a better place in the bargain. We need to concentrate on launching a world-class business, so we’ll hire a designer, pedagogy expert and sales specialist who are ready to revolutionize education.


Loogla has built in advantages once it’s off the ground, but there are sharp elbows down here. We have done all the work from coding, to design, to marketing, to legal. Although fun, learning so many skills has severely limited our ability to execute quickly. This has hurt our position immeasurably. Investment is only likely during the growth phase. It takes money to make money, and Loogla has the potential to generate a bundle, create employment, and make the world a better place in the bargain. We need to concentrate on launching a world-class business, so we’ll hire a designer, pedagogy expert and sales specialist who are ready to revolutionize education.

Email us if you or someone you know wants to join the team.

Advisors tell us we need $500,000 in order to make Loogla a reality. We believe we can create a world-class eduTech company for Nevada on $100,000.

Founder Salaries

Despite dropping our life savings into Loogla we will not use the Vesto grant to line our pockets. It’s not fair to Loogla, the learners or the state of Nevada. In fact, our plans are to bring hundreds of jobs to the state by providing work to those who need the flexibility to work from wherever and whenever they can.

Questions? Comments? Late night chats? Email Tyler or Jen directly.

How else can I help?

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Thank you for helping us make the world a smaller, smarter place.