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Sport-Social is a Nevada start-up, servicing the needs of children with Autism and other special needs. Andrew Devitt, a 22 year old therapist for children with autism, started this company in 2011 with just $15,000. In the past 20 months Sport-Social has grown to servicing 225 children per week and employing 20 people. Help us fulfill our mission of expanding the world for child with autism and other special needs through adaptive programming using action sports, team sports, and the arts, delivered at our one-of-a-kind Nevada facility.

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Hey Everyone!
You are invited to attend our first ever community Block Party! We are holding this event as a Thank You to the community for all the support that we have received over the past few months. The event will take place on Saturday, June 15th from 5:00PM – 12:00AM. Admission is FREE and there will be food available for purchase by local food trucks.
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Saturday 06/15/13
+ All ages:
+ 18+: 8:00PM-12:00AM


7055 Windy Street #B
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 485-5515

How else can you help:

How we will use the $100,000 Project Vesto Grant!

    • Create a scholarship program for families that cannot afford to send their child to Sport-Social. We will create an application process and grant scholarships based on income and family situation. We will use $5,000 to get this program started.
    • Hire additional employees, finish facility, and launch new programs. We will create a training program so that we can teach people how to use ABA methods and how to work with children with special needs. This will allows us to hire more people and hire them faster. We will also build more classrooms and areas for instruction, purchase equipment, and polish off our existing facility.
    • Expand the size of our current facility. We will take on an additional 6,000 sq. ft. that is adjacent to our current facility. With this space we will be able to offer more lessons and classes and also sublease space to other businesses in the community. We will create an outdoor park in a vacant 1 acre lot next door to our current facility. We will use this area for golf, tennis, and summer camps.
    • Hire a Certified Behaviorist so we can receive 3rd party funding. Currently we do not take insurance or Medicare. If we hire a certified behaviorist and add data collection to our program we will be able to receive 3rd party funding from insurance companies, Medicare, and other state agencies such as DRC and ATAP.
    • Expand to a second location in Southern Nevada or Northern Nevada. When goals 1-4 are met we will expand into our second location. Exact location TBA.


When Andrew Devitt (founder) was just 17 years old he began working with children with Autism in ABA Home Programs. ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis and it is a way to teach and change behaviors. He enjoyed working with the kids but felt that there was something missing. The kids he worked with were struggling to make friends and they didn’t do any typical activities like other kids. In 2010 Andrew took his passion for working with children with special needs and combined it with his love for skateboarding and action sports. He took the children he worked with to the local skatepark and, using ABA techniques, taught them how to skateboard, ride bikes, and socialize with other kids. He saw huge results and his kids were riding bikes independently, learning skateboard tricks, and making new friends.  That original concept is still the central idea of Sport-Social today – Teaching appropriate social interaction through instruction in sports and the arts while using ABA therapy methods.


Sport-Social is growing faster than we can handle. We are signing up about 15 new children per month and we are expanding the amount of programs we offer. We are continually creating new programs, but here are some of our upcoming projects: golf lessons and miniature course, martial arts lessons, swimming pool, tennis lessons and court, circus lessons (tightrope, trapeze, etc.), yoga studio, rock climbing wall and lessons, bowling alley and teams, academic tutoring, and more. We are also in the process of creating a training program lead by a certified behaviorist. This will allow us to hire a broader range of people with different areas of expertise that may not be trained in ABA.


We currently reside in a 10,000 sq. ft. facility equipped with a basketball court, skatepark, performing arts stage, arcade area, and entrance lobby. We have many reinforcing activities for the kids to take part in during lessons such as a bounce house, go kart, rope swing, and a prize redemption center. We provide office space to Autism Building Blocks as well as donate space to FEAT, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources for families affected by Autism.  This one-of-a-kind facility allows children to learn and apply typical skills and social skills that can then be used in the real world. There is no other facility like Sport-Social in Nevada and quite possibly the entire country!


Our instructors are trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and use this methodology to teach lessons and group classes. In addition to being ABA trained, each instructor has some other type of expertise, such as skateboarding, music, art, theater, and more. Our young, energetic staff works together to create the exciting atmosphere that our clients experience at Sport-Social. We provide ongoing training in ABA as well as Social Skills training so that each instructor is always prepared for any client that comes in.


Offering/Value Proposition 96%
Customers 96%
Infrastructure 93%
Finances 84%
Validation & Proof of Concept 98%
Time, Resources, & Effort 98%
Team Execution Potential 97%
Competitive Advantage 82%
Overall Investable Nature 98%

Thank you for considering Sport-Social as the Project Vesto final winner.
For additional information on our program please contact us:

Sport-Social 7055 Windy Street, Suite B Las Vegas, NV 89119

Website: www.lasvegasautism.com
FB: www.facebook.com/sportsocial
Office: 702.485.5515
Cell: 702.505.2864